Best Roofing Materials

The old saying is not who can go fastest but who can last longest. For many homeowners this longevity is saying sound pretty cool when thinking about new roofing system. Materials can be rated from many points of view, such as resale value, lowest cost, saturation effect, aesthetics, persistence and many others. Today there is a sheer number of options to choose the best roof for yourself.

Asphalt shingles

This material may be found on more than 70 percent of homes in the US, but the number is shrinking because more energy efficient and durable materials are getting much more popularity recently. One of the popular characteristics with asphalt shingles is their affordability. There are a various offer attractive options which will provide great protection for any home. There is no mistake in getting the asphalt shingles; we recommend to check out which one would do a better job in your case. There are lightweight and resist tearing fiberglass shingles and organic, heavier and harder to work with shingles which offer better stability withstanding any strong wind.

Wood shingles and shakes

Cedar, redwood, pressure treated pine or cypress shingles and shakes, no matter your choice will be you will get a divine natural dose of beauty to your roof. There is a difference in pricing between shakes and shingles. Wood shakes are thicker, hand cut and more rustic ones which has an impact on rising their price while shingles are machine cut pieces making a more uniform appearance.

Metal roofing

As one eco-friendly material and a great base for an introduction to new styles of roofing, this type enjoyed a recent comeback. It comes in the form of rolls with vertical seam panels, and modular press formed panels. These may be painted or coated with granules depending on requires, outside conditions and type of property on which will be used. Most common used are lightweight steel, aluminum, and zinc. Forms can be in shakes, tiles or shingles. There are even cooper metal roofs, but this beauty has a special cost.

Roof tiles

This is an ancient roofing offer that has been pretty much modernized with stronger and newer materials which create a fantastic look. These come in three basic versions, traditional clay tiles, concrete tiles and fiber cement tiles. All three types are very much recommended, there are slightly differences based more on requires and roles of the future property where the project will be realized. Finishing of the tiles includes glazing or waterproof coating.

Natural and composite or vinyl slate tiles

For vinyl or composite slates is expected to last even 40 to 60 years. Some structures throughout Europe have centuries-old roof tiles of this type. There is many sizes produced in both, synthetic or genuine slate type which allow you to choose best suitable for your property. The main and important thing when thinking about using this roof material is choosing between natural slate tiles and synthetic tiles. There is a significant difference in weight; natural ones often require additional and costly support while synthetic ones are much lighter how in weight also in price.

Tesla solar tiles

They are made of glass, and there are two types in the offer, Tesla solar tiles, and non-solar tiles. There is active attempting of making new styles of these tiles to look like standard tiles because they can’t reach popularity with present looks which are obtrusive and honestly, ugly.